Terms & Privacy

Declaration of consent for storage of your data in Gassnova’s CRM system

Gassnova has systematised information about external contacts and entered this into our CRM system. This is where we store your personal data which has been obtained from a business card you have provided to us or one of our employees, the signature contained in an e-mail you have sent to us, your registration for one of our events, subscription to our newsletter or any other contact we may have had with you. We have registered some or all of the following data on our external contacts:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Position/Job title
  • Employer
  • Whether you subscribe to a newsletter
  • Whether you wish to attend or have attended one of our events
  • Contact history between you and Gassnova

At present we need your active consent to store personal information about you and we are therefore contacting you to obtain your consent or rejection. You will be deleted from our registers if we do not receive a positive reply from you.

1. Processing covered by this declaration of consent

The personal data is stored in our CRM system and will only be used to contact you in cases where we are working with you or your employer, in addition to sending newsletters and invitations to events we believe you might be interested in. In connection with arranging events, some personal data may be shared with a third party having a role related to the event. For such situations it is a prerequisite that such data is deleted by the third party when the event is completed. In addition, contact history can be recorded in connection with the stored information.

Newsletters are distributed weekly. Events are organised as required and such mailings will rarely exceed 5 times per year.

You can read more about our processing of personal data in our personal data protection declaration.

4. Your consent

Your consent is required as soon as possible, and preferably by March.

  • Provide your consent by simply replying “Yes” or “OK” to this e-mail.
  • If you do not wish us to store personal data about you, simply reply “Delete me” to this e-mail.

If we do not receive a reply from you, you will receive a reminder during March. If a reply is still not received, you will be deleted from our registers.

You can register for our newsletter or ask to be deleted from our records at any time after this.

Thank you in advance for getting back to us!