Transport & storage studies

The Full-scale CCS project in Norway was initiated when the government asked Gassnova to explore possibilities for a Full-scale CCS project, beyond the existing work at Mongstad. The following reports relate to transport and storage of CO2

Earlier reports on transport and storage (related to the planned full-scale projects at Kårstø and Mongstad) that the Full-scale CCS Project in Norway builds on. 

Link to earlier projects 2008-2012

In May 2015 Gassnova submitted a pre-feasibility report, “Study report on potential full-scale CCS projects in Norway”, which identified several emission sources and storage sites that may be technically feasible for a CCS project. It also identified industrial players that may be interested in participating further. 

Study report on potential full-scale CCS projects in Norway” 

In the autumn of 2015, the Government decided to continue this work and initiated a feasibility study. Gassnova completed that study in November 2016, 

Feasibility Study on Full-scale CCS in Norway’. 

In the early phases of the Full-scale CCS project in Norway Gassco had the responsibility for transport aspects of the project. 

Gassco’s transport study