First steel cut for CO₂ transport ships

At an official steel cutting ceremony, Northern Lights celebrated a new milestone as the world’s largest CO2 transport ships entered into production this week.

Carbon storage well drilling complete

Northern Lights has announced that drilling operations for its carbon storage site in the North Sea have been successful. Preliminary results confirm a storage capacity of 5 million tons of carbon per year.

Transocean Enabler

Measuring the amount of CO₂ in the transport chain

Once CO2 has been captured, it needs to be transported from the capture site to a storage site, meaning systems are needed to measure the amount of CO2 being transported. A system to do this has been developed through the Lon…

CCS; agreement between Yara and Northern Lights

Yara and Northern Lights have signed the world’s first commercial multinational carbon transport and storage agreement.

CCS Norway

CCS Norway is developed by Gassnova to share knowledge about the Longship CCS project with industries, governments and others.

Report about regulatory lessons learned from Longship

The report “Regulatory lessons learned from Longship” is written by Gassnova. In this report the regulatory issues and challenges facing Longship and how these are resolved are discussed in light of the state’s different roles.

CCS projects needs specific and concrete goals

Experience from the Longship project shows that the use of specific and concrete goals early in the project phase should be given high priority.


Norcem Brevik may become the world’s first cement factory equipped with a CO2 capture plant.


Hafslund Oslo Celsio plans to capture CO2 from their waste-to-energy plant in Oslo.

Northern Lights

Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies form the transport and storage consortium of Northern Lights. They plan to develop an open access infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage.