The Longship White Paper available in English

The report to the Storting about «Longship – Carbon Capture and Storage» is now available in English.

Report: Developing Longship – Key Lessons Learned

Gassnova has gathered its most important experiences from the six years planning of the CCS project «Longship» in a new report named «Developing Longship – Key Lessons Learned».

CCS Norway

CCS Norway is developed by Gassnova to share knowledge about the Longship CCS project with industries, governments and others.

Pilot Test Report

In order to document amine consumption and emissions to air from the planned CO2 capture plant connected to their WTE plant in Oslo, Fortum Oslo Varme built a test pilot. Fortum Oslo Varme has summarized the results from the pilot testing in this report.

Other news

October 23, 2020: 15 years’ work behind the Longship storage site


Norcem Brevik may become the world’s first cement factory equipped with a CO2 capture plant.


Fortum Oslo Varme plans to capture CO2 from their waste-to-energy plant in Oslo.

Northern Lights

Equinor, Shell and Total form the transport and storage consortium of Northern Lights. They plan to develop an open access infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage.