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Northern Lights signed agreement with Ørsted

This agreement represents a major milestone for Northern Lights JV and is an essential step for creating a commercial market for CCS in Europe.


Celsio puts Klemetsrud carbon capture project on hold

An updated cost estimate from Hafslund Oslo Celsio shows that the carbon capture project at its Klemetsrud site will exceed the maximum budget stipulated in its government funding agreement. Celsio is now seeking to place the project on hold and ...


Longship project timeline published

Do you want to know more about what Norway’s Longship CCS project has achieved so far? Gassnova has just published a timeline where you can explore studies and reports released ranging from its inception up to today.


Concept study from 2015 has been published

The project started with the concept study which was completed in 2015. Until now, only the summary has been published, but Gassnova is now publishing the entire study.


The value of trust between private companies and authorities

The stakeholders involved in the CCS project Longship all highlight trust as a prerequisite for the success of the project. Longship are being realized even though important regulatory issues have not yet been clarified, and it is unclear how the...


Amine-based carbon capture produces small emissions of amines

The capture operators Heidelberg Materials (formerly Heidelberg Materials) and Hafslund Oslo Celsio in the Longship project have tested their capture technologies on their own flue gas. Both note that this has been important to ensure that the am...


Sharing learning about regulation of CCS chain

Longship will provide learning related to the regulation and incentivization of CO2 management activities that others can benefit from. As Langskip is the first entire CCS chain to be regulated in Norway, the interface between regulato...


Tailored state aid agreements are necessary

Experience from the Longship project shows that, due to a lack of commercial incentives for industry partners and whole chain risks that could not be absorbed by industry partners, tailored state aid agreements were necessary.